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Enhancing your residence is crucial for cultivating a more striking vibe and visual appeal. If you happen to be a property owner, the workmanship of your flooring and tile shouldn't be underestimated by any means. Carrying out this task may well not be as challenging as you picture. You have the option to consider our support at Northwood Floor and Tile Installation for a flawlessly accomplished flooring setup."

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About Us

When you choose Northwood Flooring Tile and Floor Installation, we offer tile flooring installation made from natural flooring materials sourced from the finest quality clays and other all-natural resources. These materials are treated with intense heat in the kiln, creating a dense, long-lasting finish that meets your expectations. They have an estimated lifespan of approximately 50 years with the correct maintenance and care.

With us, you won't have to fret over damages, splits, or stains. Our meticulous grout work provides an effective protection against water damage. Thanks to remarkable water resistance, these floors are more than just resilient but also perform admirably in moist environments, even within wet areas.

We don’t leave our patrons to make decisions unaided when it comes to planning the installation and picking the ideal flooring material. Our team of skilled professionals is sure to join you to make arrangements for your room or office, assess your requirements, and aid in choosing the best design that suits your building.

Our Services

We're pleased to share a list of the services you can expect from us at our company.

Tile Installation Services

put in tiles completely anew and offer one-of-a-kind and beautiful designs.|Our team takes care of tile installation from the beginning, offering one-of-a-kind and beautiful designs.|Installing tiles completely from the ground up, we provide distinctive and visually appealing designs.}

furthermore categorized into various aspects, including;|We furthermore divide our tile installation services into different categories, which include;|We offer services for tile installation, and our service are further divided into several sections, including encompass;}

1. installing floor tiles,

2. putting up wall tiles,

3. backsplash tile installation.

Floor Tile Installation:

This part of our services, comprises the installation of tiles on the floor of your residential or office premises. We begin by make ready the subfloor, lay down the tiles according to your desired pattern, and advance to grouting for a enduring and skilled finish.

Wall Tile Installation:

This type of project comprises us meticulously placing and arranging tiles on wall surfaces in different areas of your residence or office as you desire. Usually, these installations occur in bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes family rooms, as per the homeowner's preferences. Choosing Wall Tile enhances the appearance attractiveness of your room, safeguards it, and provides a surface that's effortless to keep clean.

Backsplash Tile Installation:

This type of installation is primarily ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas. It serves as both a aesthetic and safeguarding addition, offering barrier against splashes from water and food. It isn't limited to just simply defending the walls; it furthermore enhances the appearance appeal of your rooms, bringing an attractive design element.

Flooring Services

You can also take advantage of an assortment of flooring material service installations at our company. The services we offer for flooring encompass diverse types of flooring, including comprise:

1. hardwood flooring installation,

2. laminate floor installation,

3. vinyl flooring installation,

4. carpet floor installation.

Hardwood Flooring Installation:

When it comes to installing such flooring, entails working with solid wood planks to achieve a timeless and impeccable surface. The installation of hardwood floors demands knowledgeable handling by trained professionals for adequate conditioning, exact laying, and subfloor preparation to create an impeccably uniform and charming outcome.

Laminate Flooring Installation:

This may be one of the most flooring installations, but, you are undoubtedly obtaining premium craftsmanship for your expenditure. Laminate flooring Installation gives a multitude of styles and designs, and, of course, it is also affordable. This installation assures the exact laying of the laminate planks and creates an authentic wood-like appearance.

Vinyl Flooring Installation:

This is a frequently chosen option that most customers opt for owing to its versatility, sturdiness, and water resistance. Our approach of Vinyl Flooring installation involves accurate laying and proper subfloor preparation of the vinyl sheets. These straightforward processes guarantee its sustainability and impeccable finish.

Carpet Installation:

This part of our service comprises fitting carpets in different spaces of your environments, such as the corridors, rooms, and other areas. In the event that professionals handle your carpet installation, they make sure the carpets are stretched, secured, and fitted accurately, resulting in a comfortable and smooth surface.

Additional Services

Some other services offered at our company encompass:

Grout and Tile Repair:

The grout in your tiles might develop issues or turn discolored as time goes on. Our team of experts dedicates themselves to restore the integrity and appearance of your tiles. Our tile and grout repair services are cost-effective and assist in preserving the excellent condition of your tiles.

Subfloor Preparation:

Getting the subfloor ready is often overlooked, but it is a vital part for achieving an impeccable flooring installation. Our subfloor preparation solutions encompass reinforcement, achieving evenness, and repairing the subfloor to ensure an efficient and resilient flooring installation.

Bathroom Remodeling:

Should you need an upgrade for your washrooms, our experts are promptly at your service at our company to offer such improvement. Our bathroom renovation service incorporates the installation of cabinetry, addition of new features, and other bathroom upgrades.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Installation:

Within our service offerings, we concentrate on installing tile backsplashes for enhancing and protecting the kitchen. It improves the beauty of the kitchen space, at the same time simultaneously providing protection for the area.

Title Repair and Maintenance:

In addition to fixing grout and tiles, we also provide maintenance work designed to assuring the longevity of your tiles and preserving them in excellent working condition.

How Affordable Are The Services Offered By Northwood Flooring Tile and Floor Installation

Our house beautification services are both cost-effective and pleasing across all classes, and it has led to maintaining a substantial customers over the years. Our professionals possess a deep concern to ensuring our customers' happiness and offering a fantastic client service encounter that brings them coming back for more. This accomplishment is reached by delivering high-value services that beautify their properties with artistic flooring.

Furthermore, we design strategies to address concerns of customers worried about the durability of the installations. Our focus to providing excellent workmanship using suitable equipment and skilled technicians within our industry has established an enduring history of trustworthiness. This is why, we always give the top advice or suggestions to all our customers, guaranteeing they experience total pleasure they desire at a fair price.

You might be surprised at how quick we are and how delighted we are about offer our services in an excellent manner. Give us a try and how we can turn your dream design to life, covering the whole surface of your home.


  • Which procedure should be followed when installing floor tiles?

Professionals in the field, including our personnel, maintain a variety of guidelines and procedures which they adhere to when executing premium work for our clientele, these comprise:

  1. 1. Cut the Tile Membrane to Size
  2. 2. Spread and Comb the Mortar for the Tile Membrane
  3. 3. Install the Tile Membrane
  4. 4. Waterproof the Membrane Seams
  5. 5. Determine the Initial Placement for Tile Laying
  6. 6. Test the Layout for the Tile Installation
  7. 7. Prepare the Mortar for the Floor Tile
  8. 8. Begin Laying Tile
  9. 9. Ensure Clean and Level Tile Placement Throughout
  10. 10. Make Tile Cuts as Needed
  11. 11. Let the Mortar Set

After finishing the earlier tasks, the skilled technician will then apply the grout, allow the grout to set, and complete the installation.

  • What is the difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile?

Tile made of porcelain is commonly denser and more impervious than ceramic tile. This makes it more durable and less susceptible to stains and moisture damage. Thanks to its low porosity, porcelain tile is also not as prone to harbor bacteria and mold.

Tile made of porcelain is produced from a refined clay material that is baked at a elevated temperature than ceramic tile. These conditions yields a harder, more dense tile that is less porous and more immune to damage from use. Tile made of porcelain is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as entryways, cooking areas, and baths.

Ceramic tile is produced from a natural clay material that is baked at a lesser temperature than porcelain tile. These conditions yields a more yielding, more absorbent tile that is prone to stains and moisture damage. Ceramic tile is a good choice for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

  • What are the top tile patterns?
  1. Herringbone
  2. Brick Bond
  3. Vertical Brick Bond
  4. Linear
  5. Hexagon
  6. Modular
  7. Basket Weave
  • How can you tell good quality tiles?

You might also delicately mark the surface of the ceramic tile to make sure it is of high quality. Look for damaged edges and unequal surfaces. The most effective way to assess the grade of ceramic tiles is to put them on a level surface. Should the tiles display a slight bend or are warped, they will not likely lie flat.

  • What floor tiles make a room look bigger?

Opting for tiles measuring 16″ or 18″ will ‌give the area a larger feeling than a 12″ tile. One of the key explanations for this is the reduction in grout lines. The fewer grout lines there are, the less congested your floor appears, and the spacious it looks. This perception of extra space naturally makes it seem of a larger room.

Another option to create the appearance of a more sizable room is to opt for tiles with a reflective surface. This choice generates the appearance of more space. Alternatively, you can opt for big tiles. Opting for this will contribute to the sense of openness in the room.

  • What are the latest tile trends?

Distinctive forms and aesthetics, such as those of hexagons and mosaics, are current trends in wood-look tiles. This style of natural stone remains a sought-after choice that will fall out of fashion. Stone varieties like marble, travertine, and slate contribute an aura of lavish sophistication to your kitchen, restroom, and any flooring surface in your home.

Tips For Choosing The Right Material

Selecting the appropriate material for your flooring requirements is crucial, not only for the visual appeal in addition to the longevity and budget-friendliness. Below is a compilation of tips for reflection when opting for the suitable material for your preferences.


Take into account your complete budget covering both the installation process and the materials. Flooring materials span a range regarding price, so becomes imperative to establish your costs according to your financial capacity.


Take into account your daily life when picking your installation materials. How will the room be put to use? What is going to be the level of foot traffic in your living spaces and hallways? You may also go for vinyl, laminate, or hardwood in case you have little ones, because these are easy to keep tidy.

Aesthetic Preference:

Every single flooring material and style features its individual texture and unique appearance. Which one captures your attention the most and matches your personality? This is likely the inquiry you should pose. Should you desire a timeless appearance, selecting a hardwood design might just be a good decision.

Climate and Environment:

The climate of your surroundings needs to be taken into account when deciding on concerning materials for your flooring. In areas experiencing volatile temperatures or high humidity, materials such as those of hardwood may require additional treatment. For such climates and environments, ceramic or porcelain tiles are more appropriate choice.

Allergy Concerns:

Should any member of your household suffers from allergies, opting for materials like hardwood or different tiles that won't collect allergens. You could also consider materials for flooring that are lacking volatile organic compounds to guarantee excellent indoor air quality.

Ask Professionals:

Should any member of your household suffers from allergies, opting for materials like hardwood or different tiles that won't collect allergens. You could also consider materials for flooring that are lacking volatile organic compounds to guarantee excellent indoor air quality.

Request Samples:

Inquire for samples flooring materials and evaluate their appearance in your room. This way, you can envision the material you've chosen material will look before the installation process.

Do research:

Research the style you opted for and read the opinions of others about it. Browse reviews and examine the warranties associated with the materials to ascertain its anticipated durability of the flooring.

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At Northwood Flooring Tile and Floor Installation, we provide premium flooring installations that enhance the look and design of your spaces. No matter which design you've picked, our experts is always available to transform your vision into a reality. Reach out with us today, and we can work together to create remarkable flooring that stands out.

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